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Exhibition Participation Regulations



​Exhibition Participation Regulations

This page provides important information about the exhibition participation regulations for the International Space Summit (ISS 2024).
You can also find guidance on application for participation and other related procedures. Thank you for participating in ISS 2024!

Article 1  -  Definition of Terms

1. “Exhibition” refers to ‘International Space Summit 2024 (ISS 2024).
2. “Organizer” refers to Contact Co., Ltd.
3. “Organizer” refers to Contact Co., Ltd.
4. “Exhibitor” refers to a company, union, organization, etc. that has submitted a participation application form to participate in this exhibition.

Article 2  -  Participation application and contract

1. Anyone who wishes to apply for participation must fill out the participation application form and submit it to the organizer. The participation contract is deemed to have been established when the participation application form is submitted and approved by the organizer.
2. Exhibitors must pay 100% of the total participation fee within 2 weeks after applying for participation. The exhibition area is allocated based on the exhibition area standards for applications received before the application deadline.
3. Platinum participation fee is 20 million won, Diamond participation fee is 10 million won, Gold participation fee is 5 million won,
VAT is paid separately. However, companies that apply early or in groups can receive a certain percentage discount.
4. If any changes occur in the contents of the application, the exhibitor must immediately notify the organizer in writing. Any disadvantages resulting from non-notification are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Article 3  -  Exhibit location allocation

1. The organizer assigns an exhibition location to each exhibitor, taking into account the order of application reception, the nature of the exhibit, the area requested for participation, etc.
2. In principle, the organizer will allocate items in consideration of viewing efficiency and exhibition effectiveness. However, if deemed necessary for exhibition operation, already registered contents may be changed upon consultation with the exhibitor.

Article 4  -  Showroom management

1. The exhibitor must make every effort to manage its booth by displaying the exhibits specified in the participation application and arranging permanent staff.
2. If the exhibitor displays items that are different from those specified in the participation application form or displays items that do not conform to the nature of the exhibition, the organizer may immediately stop, remove or take them out, and may terminate this contract. In this case, the exhibitor cannot claim compensation.
3. Exhibitors may not transfer, resell or exchange all or part of the allocated exhibition area to others without the written consent of the organizer.
4. The exhibitor cannot change the original condition of the floor, ceiling, pillars, walls, etc. of the exhibition room by painting or adhesive, and must pay appropriate compensation for damage to the exhibition hall according to the organizer's request for restoration.

Article 5  -  Cancellation or change of exhibition

If the organizer cancels the exhibition, the exhibitor cannot claim compensation from the organizer and organizer.

Article 6  -  Cancellation or change of exhibitor’s participation

1. If the exhibitor cancels all or part of the agreed exhibition area, the exhibitor must immediately notify the organizer of the cancellation in writing.
2. If the notification under Paragraph 1 of this Article is received by July 11, 2023, the organizer will refund 100% of the participation fee received from the exhibitor, and if the cancellation notification is received from July 12, 2023 to July 31, 2023. If received by the organizer, only 50% of the canceled exhibition area will be refunded. If it is received by the organizer after August 1, 2023, no refund will be given.

Article 7  -  Cancellation or change of exhibition

If the organizer cancels the exhibition, the entire participation fee already paid will be refunded to the exhibitor. However, if the exhibition is canceled or the holding date is changed or reduced due to force majeure or other special circumstances not attributable to the organizer, no refund will be made. In this case, the exhibitor cannot claim compensation from the organizer.

Article 8  -  Supplementary Regulations

1. If necessary, the organizer may establish supplementary regulations not specified in the participation regulations, and exhibitors must comply with them.
2. Supplementary regulations become part of the participation regulations, and exhibitors must comply with them.

Article 9  -  Dispute Resolution

Disputes that arise between the organizer and exhibitor regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions of participation and other disputes regarding the rights and obligations of both parties shall be subject to the arbitration and decision of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, and the decision is final, and neither party may file a suit in court. does not exist.

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